About Us (Intro)

What is United AIO?

United AIO (pronounced “Ayo”) is a new collaboration of the leading professional, civic, and benevolent organizations of the Armenian-American Diaspora that aims to bring together the professionals, thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs of the Diaspora in a unique and ambitious way, beginning immediately, to work on a series of strategically relevant projects that will contribute materially to Armenia’s prosperity, resiliency, and national security.

Predicated on the common values of collaboration, transparency, accountability, community service, and integrity, United AIO aims to harness the united and coordinated strength, talent, energy, expertise, and material resources of the Armenia Diaspora with as much cooperation and as little friction as possible. Our aim is to build a new model for Diasporan engagement and find a new way of doing projects to meet the critical needs of Armenia now and in the future.

Join Us at United AIO 2021 Our Inaugural Conference

United AIO 2021 will be our inaugural conference where we will tackle our theme “Building Armenia Together: Wiser & Stronger.”

We will go beyond just examining what Armenia’s strategic needs are now and proposing solutions in the abstract to meet those needs. United AIO will create a forum for creativity and engagement in which conference participants will be able to bring their best ideas forward and propose specific projects. At the same time, United AIO will also create a space in which proposed projects and their proponents can be introduced to talent and potential sponsors and vice versa, giving all the ability to harness the professional expertise, potential, energy, and resources of the worldwide Armenian community. To our knowledge, this has never been done before certainly in the Armenian world.

Submit a Project

Project submissions are a central feature of United AIO 2021, an invitation for all Armenians who register for the conference to think creatively and put forward their best ideas for projects for Armenia. Fifteen proposals will be pre-selected for presentation at the conference by their proponents.

Our call for project submissions is not just directed to the specialists and experts. It is directed toward all Armenians in every walk of life. We encourage each and every person motivated enough to want to participate in United AIO 2021 to submit a project proposal as well. We need and welcome your ideas. It is only through this kind of universal engagement that the full potential of the Armenian people will be tapped. That is after all one of the most important goals of United AIO.

Register to Attend and Submit a Project

Registration is required to submit a project proposal. But while we encourage all who register to submit a project, project submission is not a requirement for attending United AIO 2021.

Proposal submission deadline is May 25, 2021*

*May 25th is the deadline to submit a proposal for a chance for it to be presented at the conference. We will continue to accept proposals after this date, however, these proposals will only be displayed on the website.